"Sometimes it is entirely appropriate to kill a fly with a sledge hammer."

- Major I. L. Holdridge, USMC


Since January 2002, Teppo Jutsu has been offering upper assemblies for the AR-type rifles .  Our first offering was  the AR-15 upper assembly in our .458 SOCOM caliber, soon  followed by the .338 Spectre and the AR-10 upper assembly in .500 Phantom.  Other calibers and projects are in the works, and we will update the website once they become available.

As the .458 SOCOM is principally a brush cartridge, we feel the following upper configuration offers the greatest flexibility for the user.

AR-15 Upper Assembly (Receiver) in .458 SOCOM - Base Model

  Barrel length - 16.25"
Barrel diameter - 0.93"
Barrel Material - 416 Stainless steel
Barrel Muzzle - Smooth Post Ban, threaded 5/8 x 24 optional
Barrel finish - Brushed stainless
Upper Receiver - DPMS Hi-Pro or Lo-Pro
Bolt Carrier - Semi or Full Auto
Handguard - Free Floated
Sights - None


Price for the standard model will be $865 shipped to address of your choice.

Other configuration may be available, but may affect price and delivery.   Contact us for more information, including dealer discount.  Below is a sample of some of the options available:






Here are some additional upper configurations for your viewing pleasure:



Above is a slab-side shorty (8.5") upper configured for Protective Security Detail (PSD) work.  In this case, it was going to Alaska to deter bear while fishing for salmon.  

On the right is a custom built quick-detachable ladder sight (1873 tang sight for a .45-70) that uses the standard front sight.  Due to the similar ballistics as the .45-70, this customer can use that sight set at 700 yards to engage his 2'x2' gong at 720 yards.  

And who said this was a short range cartridge?




Loaded ammunition for the .458 SOCOM can be ordered
     directly from CorBon
Brass for the .458 SOCOM is available from
     Starline Brass  www.starlinebrass.com  also from  
     GRAF and SONS www.grafs.com.
Reloading dies are available from CH Tool and Die
Gary Kieft at Dillon Precision can help you set up your
     progressive for the .458 SOCOM


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