Among the many ideas we have had over the years, the ones listed below actually made it past the design stage and into production. We feel they offer the user a certain edge over other products, but you be the judge.

AR-Uppers Styled by Teppo Jutsu
Browse through our selection of AR-Upper Styles.  From the sublime to the supreme, Teppo Jutsu has the combination for you.

.458 SOCOM Advanced Weapons System
The .458 SOCOM cartridge was developed to expand the operational envelope of a variety of firearm platforms with only minor modifications. The main intent was to develop a cartridge that would be capable of firing a heavy, large diameter projectile from a semi-automatic rifle using a detachable magazine, specifically the AR-15. Capable of launching 300 grain bullets at over 2,100 fps, as well as 500 grain bullets in Full Auto at subsonic velocities, this cartridge system offers unsurpassed flexibility in projecting heavy firepower from the AR-15.

500 Phantom - DISCONTINUED
The .500 Phantom, designed to meet specific criteria deployed from a specific weapons platform.  The basic criteria were the use of unmodified AR-10 magazines and lower receivers, minor modifications to the upper receiver and bolt group, and minimal changes to outward appearance.

.338 Spectre Cartridge 
The .338 Spectre cartridge was the result of improvements over our .358 CQB cartridge. The latter used brass that was difficult to obtain and did not have sufficient shoulder to use for head spacing. The new design uses .338 caliber bullets ranging from 160 grain Barnes X Spitzers to the venerable Sierra 300 grain HPBT MatchKing. Again intended for use in the AR-15 series of rifles, this round offers excellent performance for either hunting or self defense. Minimal recoil and low noise make this an excellent choice for the beginning shooter as well.

Bolt Action Conversions and Savage Barrels

Through our partnership with Sportsmans Guns in Conroe, we can now offer bolt action conversions in our proprietary calibers.  A number of Remington 700 bolt action rifles in .458 SOCOM have been produced already and the more interesting variant was a Remington 700 ETRONIX version - not even the sound of the sear and hammer in that one!  We can also offer ready to install Savage barrels for the 10 and 110 series of rifles.  Inherent to the Savage design, swapping of barrels for these rifles is relatively easy and offers an affordable alternative.

New cartridges being chambered

Several new cartridges are in the works here at Teppo Jutsu.  Some are new designs from our deranged minds, others are new ways of applying proven rounds.  Again, flexibility is the key.  Among the new ones are the .30 HRT, t and the proven 7.62 x 25 Tokarev.  In addition to these cartridges, we are also able to offer more commonly found chamberings such as the 6 x 45 Remington and the .204 Ruger. 

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