Just because we haven't been updating the website until now, it doesn't mean we have been sitting by twiddling our thumbs.  On the contrary, we have been quite busy with both new calibers, old calibers in new guises and new products.  Some are still in the testing or prototype stages, others are coming along nicely.  As they mature into established projects, they will have their own pages, but for now we thought this was a good place to show them off.


Our Teppo Jutsu T-shirts feature the Teppo Jutsu logo along with the .458 SOCOM banner on the back, the logo is repeated on the left chest.  In both short and long sleeve versions, 100% cotton.

Other Teppo Jutsu and .458 SOCOM items, such as mouse pads, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, you name it, they've got it at our Cafe Press "store front".  Just follow the link and shop to your hearts content. 


Our homage to the famous line from "Apocalypse Now", but updated to reflect the current geo-political events.  OK, so we were being goofy and thought this would be a fun shirt to wear while shopping at the Souk 

We're down to (1) L-OD and (1) XL-ash!!

7.62 x 25 TOKAREV

This old workhorse of the former ComBloc is coming back and why not.  Before the advent of the .357 Magnum, this was THE most powerful pistol cartridge on the planet.  Even today, it is used in countries such as the Czech republic and is known for its ability to penetrate various barriers.  We are currently offering gas operated AR-15 uppers chambered in this little Russian gem.  We have produced a number of AR-15 uppers using the Colt type blow back pistol system (shown on right) as well, however, we felt gas operation offered some more options. 

The trick to getting the Tokarev round to work in the AR-15 is the magazine.  Several options exist:  as shown, the Ppsh43 magazine will fit in the mag well of the AR-15 but requires a custom mag well adapter.  The second option is the use of modified AR-15 magazines with a shortened follower and spacer installed.  We are using this option to test our gas operated system with custom loads that feature the 110 gr V-Max bullet at 1,700 fps as well as the 168 gr Sierra Match King bullet at subsonic velocity.  These loads have remarkably little recoil, excellent energy compared to existing pistol rounds and offer tremendous flexibility. 


We have received a number of requests for bolt action rifles in our calibers, primarily the .458 SOCOM but also the .500 Phantom and .338 Spectre. Based on the relatively simple system for swapping barrels on the Savage Arms 10 and 110 series rifles, we now offer custom barrels for these two series in our own calibers, as well as others. Along with the Savage Arms conversions, our partner shop (see NFA Items) can convert your Remington 700 to one of our calibers are well. The most recent project featured a Remington 700 ETRONIX version in .458 SOCOM. This rifle is just begging for an integral suppressor, as it doesn't even have the sound of the hammer and sear striking the firing pin!.

Custom Savage 10 series in 30/221 Fireball with PacNor stainless steel barrel,

 Choate folding stock and SRT suppressor.  Compact, quiet and accurate.

This cartridge never truly went past the prototype stages due to issues with finding a supply of suitable brass.  Building on the .500 Phantom concept, we took the same case, lengthened it and necked it down to a variety of sizes.  The project sponsor was primarily interested in the .470 version, however, we felt the .338 version offered great potential and as a result we have dies for the .470, .450, .416, .375 and .338 version.  

The .470 Rhino initial prototype was test fired and it performed as predicted,

lobbing 500-grain bullets at 2,125 ft/sec.

As with the Phantom, these rounds are intended for use in the AR-10 and DPMS LR series of rifles and should offer some devastating firepower.  The projected velocities for a 24" barrel at moderate pressure are listed below

  •  .450 Rhino with 300 gr Barnes X Spitzer. 24" barrel, about 2700-2800 fps (in top magazine)

  • .338 Rhino with 200 gr CT BST. 24" barrel about 2900-3000 fps

  • .375 Rhino (no bullet shown) with 260 gr Nosler BT around 2750 fps

  • .416 Rhino (no bullet shown) with 400 gr Nosler Partition around 2300 fps

  • .470 Rhino (no bullet shown) with 500 gr Swift A-Frame around 2150 fps.

30 HRT (Herrett Rimless Tactical)
With the development of the 6.8 x 43 SPC a new source of brass, bolts and magazines became available for wildcatting. After looking at the host cartridge dimensions as well as reviewing a customer's feedback on a .300 Whisper® upper from SSK Industries, we came to the conclusion that the late Steve Herrett had already done all the leg work for us. By using the existing reamer and dies for the .30 Herrett and the 6.8 x 43 brass, bolts and magazines, the AR-15 can now be chambered in the rimless version of this established wildcat. As the picture shows, hardly any trimming is needed, and the resulting case offers more case capacity with the same flexibility as the .300 Whisper®. This means that standard gas systems can be used across the spectrum of high velocity and subsonic loadings, including shorter barreled uppers and suppressed versions. It essentially solves the problem with the gas system while retaining magazine capacity.


Several customers have approached us to develop adjustable gas blocks.  One reason is to tame the .308 gas operated rifles when using a suppressor.  The other is to be able to totally switch off the gas system on the AR-15s when using some of our subsonic cartridges, for the ultimate in "silent duty".  We have several designs, some of which are being used by law enforcement and military personnel to great effect.  We have a new version that we hope to premier soon that should be of interest to many of you:

These blocks can be bought from


Contact them at


Shown on the left, our Gen 3 block that reduces gas flow for use with suppressors.  These blocks have 3 positions to allow full, partial or minimal gas flow to the receiver.  On the right our Gen 4 block or the on/off version. The Gen 4 blocks will completely shut off gas flow and are perfect for dedicated subsonic rigs.  The blocks are available for 0.750, 0.875 and 0.936 size gas block journals and in stainless as well as CrMo steel (parkerized).

MORE TO COME!  This is just the first batch, we are still working on several more items, including yet another custom cartridge, custom stocks, gas blocks and more.  Wait till you see



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