CH4D manufactures a complete line of firearms ammunition reloading equipment. From shell holders to presses, we make it all. We also offer a variety of reloading and shooting accessories. But our specialty is wildcat/obsolete caliber reloading dies. With a reloading die caliber list of over 1,200 calibers, you will have to work hard to find one that we don't make !! 


Whatever the time, whatever the place, whatever the shooting sport, Starline brass is the choice of champions. From the prestigious Chevy Truck Challenge, to the Masters, Cowboy Action State Finals, IPSC and IHMSA competitions or an afternoon of plinking, Team Starline is a force to be reckoned with, just like the champions who demand Starline performance.


Graf and Sons - One of the World's Largest Selections of Ammo, Optics, Reloading Tools and Components.


High Performance Ammunition for Self Defense and Law Enforcement


We have been providing precision chambering reamers and gauges to the firearms industry for more than 20 years. We are dedicated to quality and service--we'll do whatever it takes to get a special-order chambering reamer and gage to you in time for a big shoot. 


Whether you would like your favorite hunting rifle rebarreled or want an exotic wildcat cartridge in your next varmint rifle, PAC-NOR is ready to rebarrel your action. PAC-NOR has been rebarreling actions since 1985, and has completed thousands of jobs for shooting enthusiasts ranging from hunters to serious benchrest shooters.


Home of the AR-15 Rifle and everything that you wanted to know about it.


Custom Japanese Calligraphy 
This website is devoted to the work of Master Calligrapher Eri Takase.
Here you will find hundreds of original works of traditional and modern Japanese Calligraphy.


At Tromix, not a day goes by that our twisted minds are not thinking of some new way to toss some heavy ass lead down range. You see, we know what good hard fun feels like and we want you to feel it too. A good hard recoil thump in the shoulder is enough to start! Add a muzzle flash large enough to roast a dozen hot dogs, and it gets better! Tromix is the crash of lightning & thunder pulverizing targets with full metal jackets stacking up like coins in rapid succession as if Zeus himself was saddled up on the firing line.


In conjunction with International Cartridge and SinterFire Inc., Frangible Bullets is the distribution company for lead-free, frangible, reduced hazard ammunition products. Dedicating it's distribution exclusively to lead-free ammunition products, Frangible Bullets uses the Powdered/Metal (P/M) technology developed by SinterFire which consist of a powdered metal of copper/tin composite material to supply projectiles to many of the major ammunition manufacturers. The resulting bullet components have advanced performance characteristics such as reduced hazard/no ricochet, controlled fragmentation, inherent accuracy, higher velocity and reduced pressure levels.


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